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All Star Cobalt Leg Guards

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All-Star Cobalt LGU5000 Pro Umpire Leg Guards

Cobalt Pro Umpire Leg Guards have arrived!  These lightweight, low-profile, umpire leg guards have a sleek and smooth plastic shell that will not snag on your pants.  These leg guards have a minimalist design without sacrificing any protection.  Cantilever system in the knee area offers more protection with less bulk.  Perforated foam backing provides ventilation throughout.  Plastic shells have memory - flex outward for a broader fit or curl inward for a tight wrap around feel.

  • The Cobalt Pro Umpire Leg Guards are available in three sizes:  15", 17", and 19"
  • Lightweight, minimalist design offers maximum protection without any bulk
  • Cantilevered knee system further reduces bulk and increases comfort and protection
  • Plastic shells have memory - Form them to the way you want them to fit and they will stay there!
  • The leg guards are extremely lightweight:
    • 15": 2 lbs
    • 17": 2.3 lbs
    • 19": 2.5 lbs