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All-Star has reengineered the soft-shell umpire chest protector and made it better with fantastic look and form-fitting wrap-around comfort. With a low-profile and super light design with hard plates on the inside, it's an ideal chest protector for softball umpires at all levels and baseball umpires at lower ones.


  • Hardened HDPE plates are concealed under fabric for clean low profile look
  • Form fitting design wraps wide range of body shapes
  • Moldable plates in collarbone for protection and custom fit
  • The original DeltaFlex harness
  • Matte black fabric
  • Length - 14 inches
  • Weight - 1.6 pounds

When measuring for chest protector length, measure from your neck down to where you want the bottom of the chest protector to be positioned. Some say this is right at or above the belly button. It's really a personal preference that depends somewhat on your stance, level and experience. If you need extra length, some chest protectors have an additional sizing plate or extension.